Information on how to revise & book your theory test aswell as what to expect.


Before you can even book your practical driving test, you must pass your theory test. The theory test is split into 2-parts, multiple choice & hazard perception.


The multiple choice part of your theory test is made up of 50 question's based on information in the Highway Code. In the first 45 questions, you will be asked questions based on the different sections of the Highway Code. The final 5 questions will be based on a case study, an example of which may be found here: Click here to download this file


Once you are satisfied you have answered all of your multiple choice questions to the best of your ability, you will be asked to move onto the hazard perception part of the test. You will watch 14 video clips and asked to spot 15 hazards (yes that means one of the clips will have 2 hazards). The clips are a 'drivers view' of a car driving around various roads and situations. Your job is to spot the developing hazards and click the mouse button to score points based on your reaction time. The quicker you are, the more points you will score! Once you have completed both the multiple choice & hazard perception parts of the theory test, you will leave the examination room where a member of staff will hand you your result immediately. Please note you must pass BOTH the multiple choice questions AND the hazard perception parts to pass. Fail on one and you fail the whole test and will have to re-take both parts again.


To pass this test you will need to revise. There are lots of different types of revision material on the market, the most expensive doesn't always mean the best! One thing you will need for sure is the Highway Code book. This can be bought from most good book shops (WH Smiths ect....) at a cost of £2.50. 

We also advise that you purchase one of the many App's for your mobile device.

You can buy the official DVSA app HERE or another easy to use app is the Driving test success app which can be downloaded HERE 

Here is a link to the online version of the Highway Code:


Please be aware that there are some companies that act as booking agents but these companies charge upto £30 more for the theory test. Use the link below to go directly to the DSA website. The cost of booking your theory test is £23.00