What you will be expected to do on your practical driving test, how to book it and how you can best prepare.


Once your instructor feels you are ready to take the practical driving test, you will
be invited to book a date. Once you have your test date, the countdown begins!

  Here at Dale AFC School of Motoring we will prepare you for the big day in the best way possible. Each person's needs differ so your own individual needs will be discussed with you in the run up to your test date. Test routes, manoeuvre's & safety questions are just some of the topics that will receive further attention leading up to the test day. On the day of your test you will book a 2 hour slot with your instructor (longer time slots may be booked and maybe required depending on distance to your nearest driving test centre). You will be picked up at least 1 hour before your test time which gives you the opportunity to 'warm up' before heading to the test centre.

Once your examiner has checked your documents they will ask you to read and sign the
declaration at the top of the sheet. This declaration is to confirm you are a resident in the UK and are covered by a valid policy of insurance which you are through your instructor. Your examiner will then ask you to carry out the eyesight test. This involves reading a car number plate from a distance of 20 metres (20.5 metres if the car has an old style number plate). You must be able to read this plate, with or without glasses, for the test to

If you would like your instructor to accompany you on test then please inform them before hand.

Once in the car you will be asked to perform one manoeuvre and possibly an emergency
stop. The test lasts between 35-40 minutes. You will be asked to carry out 20 minutes of independent driving. Four out of five tests will be following a Sat Nav whilst one in four will be asked to follow signs.

You will be given the result of your test when you return to the test centre. If you would like your instructor present at this point, please inform the examiner.

Booking your test

You will need the following to book your practical driving test:

    -   Your driver number (found on your provisional licence)
    -   Debit/credit card

The easiest way to book a practical driving test is via the official booking
website. The cost of booking your test is £62.00.


Alternatively, you may use the telephone booking service:

 0300 200 1122 

PLEASE BE AWARE that if you use a search engine to look for the test booking site
you will probably be directed towards one of the many booking agent sites.
These sites are private booking agents who will charge you more than the £62.00 that
the DSA charge.


How to prepare

1.      If you are fortunate enough to be having private practice (i.e. with parent
partner ect...) then get as much road time as possible. Private practice is
practice providing what you are doing is GOOD PRACTICE! Don't slip into bad habits when you're not out with your instructor as bad habits can take a lot of work to get rid of!

2.      Read the Highway Code. Yes you have passed your theory test but reading the Highway Code once again will jog your memory about the road rules and

Safety Questions

You will be asked two questions during your driving test about the car you are in. The first question will be a 'tell me' question which will be asked at the beginning before you start any driving. The second will be asked on the move. For this question you will need to maintain full control of the vehicle